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A solar protection classic, the invisible-armed Nublo model with the internal tension Llaza ART-System adapts to any kind of space and installation. The ART arms, which can overcome 60,000 usage cycles, avoid in all its movements the friction of the canvas with its elbows.

Its soft and rounded lines, combined with a wide range of acrylic canvases and its great variety of measures, achieve a perfect integration in any kind of surroundings.

Its robust frame made entirely of lacquered aluminium and stainless-steel screws makes the Nublo model the ideal solution for protecting efficiently from the sun in terraces and commercial premises.

Moreover, this model can be complemented with Sombrex-system (roller front apron), Galaxia Canopies (element that covers and protects the awning) and/or Crossed Arms, depending of the installation needs.

Its activation can be either manually with a crank or motorized.